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Birding, or bird watching, is an increasingly popular hobby. It's often quoted as being the fastest growing hobby in North America. Figures vary, but there are estimated to be between 50 and 75 million birders in the United States alone. Whatever the number, more and more people are learning how fun and rewarding birding can be for the entire family.

This site is devoted to one of the most important tools any birder will use. It was developed to aid novice and experienced alike in all things relating to birding optics. From a quick definition to our extensive FAQ, we have tried to anticipate the questions you have and answer them in an easy to understand way. In addition to our in-depth buying guide, we also have reviews from other birders to help you know how products perform in the field and list some scams and myths to watch out for when shopping. Our goal is to help you understand what it important when buying birding binoculars and other optics without bias.

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